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Wine clubs have been growing in popularity over the past few years and are becoming a must give gift to co-workers and family members. Wine clubs give consumers exceptional value and the benefit of delivery to your door. These clubs contain hand-made, high quality wines which will appeal to all wine drinkers. At Best-Wine-Club.com, we test and review each club along with collecting countless user reviews, and compile this information to give you our editors pick.

EDitors pick - zagat Wine Club

zagat wine club


Zagat Wine Club is by far the best wine club on the market today. With extremely competitive pricing and fantastic wine, Zagat would make a great gift for anyone, including yourself!

  • 12 Premium Wines for only $69.99
  • FREE Wine Corkscrew ($40 value)
  • Red and/or White Wines
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • The Perfect Present For Anyone (Even Yourself!)

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Latest Customer Reviews:

1. This wine club is great and gave me exactly what I was looking for: Something to help me grow as a wine lover and learn what types I prefer. I will be recommending this to any friends I have that might be interested. Thanks,


Milwaukee, WI

2. Wine clubs can be a bit expensive but Zagat gave us 12 bottles of wine for only 70 bucks! There is no other wine club out there that can even come close to this price. They also threw in a free wine glasses. Boom!


San Francisco, CA

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About Wine Clubs

With more and more Americans discovering the world of wine, these clubs are becoming ever so popular..

Wine has been a part of cultures for thousands of years and is now becoming known for it's amazing health benefits.

When deciding on wine clubs for our top 3 best wine clubs list, we compare pricing, quality of wine, customer service, customer reviews and testimonials, and additional items (free corkscrew, serving advice/tasting notes, free shipping).