Apr 24 2012

Zagat Wine Club Promo Code

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UPDATE*** You will now be able to get 15 Bottles of wine when you take advantage of our coupon code link now, all for the low price of only $69.99!

In addition to that, you can also get free tasting notes, and a FREE cheese board and knife set when you click the promo link below:

Click Here to Get this Promo Code

cheese-board-set Cheese Board and Knife Set

Zagat tasting notes - Zagat wine club promo
tasting notes

Remember, this promo won’t last forever! If you want to get your extremely low priced intro offer, you need to act fast.

Click Here to Get this Promo Code

Don’t overlook the free tasting notes that come with your promo code. These notes will help you learn the different flavors and aromas of each wine. If you are interested in not only Zagat Wine Clubdrinking great wine, but learning more about wine…these tasting notes will be the best part of the Zagat Wine Club.

When I received my first wine club, I was so excited about getting great wine that I didn’t really look through the tasting notes. After awhile, I picked up the tasting notes and started to give them a read. Initially, I was surprised to find out that there was so many different flavors in the wine that not only come from the grapes but also from how the wine was aged.

After awhile, I really started to impress friends by naming aromas and flavors in wine without even needing the tasting notes. So it’s time today to discover the world of wine with the Zagat Wine Club.

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