May 12 2012

Is Joining A Wine Club A Good Choice?

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Wine clubs can be found in any area that offers a winery. Wine clubs can be a good choice or a huge mistake depending on a number of factors. A wine club member will receive the benefits outlined by the club, and this typically includes special shipments, invitations to exclusive events, and access to wines not available to the general public. These clubs also have a number of drawbacks as well though.

Even though the wine shipped is discounted the shipping charges can be expensive, and may eliminate any savings seen from the discount. Many wines can be found in wine shops for less than what is paid for the wine and shipping by club members. Some wineries put pressure on visitors to join the wine club, but many wineries do not advertise widely and keep the wine club low key instead.

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A wine club may or may not be the best choice. For individuals who enjoy the wines from a specific winery, and want all of the added perks like member only invitations and special offers, joining the wine club of the winery may be a good move. Becoming a wine club member simply because of pressure during a winery tour or tasting event may be a huge mistake though.

Before joining any wine club look at all of the variables. Make sure the winery and wines are high quality, and the shipments are something that is desired. Some wine club members enjoy the anticipation and suspense, not knowing exactly what wines will be shipped. For other wine lovers it may be better to visit a wine shop and choose the vintages that are preferred.

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