May 04 2012

Etiquette For The Wine Tasting Room

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Wine tasting is a popular pastime for many people, and etiquette rules for the wine tasting room should be followed so that everyone has an enjoyable experience. The tasting bar is the first place to go when arriving at the tasting room.

This host at the bar will introduce themselves and get the tasting process started. The proper wine glasses will be supplied, the wines that can be tasted will be explained and listed, and any tasting fees will be discussed. There may be more than one tier of tasting fees, with one fee charged for the standard list and another fee charged for any reserve wines available. Wines should be tasted in a specific order for the best experience. Start with white wines, move to red wines, and then finish with dessert wines.

It is acceptable to pass over some wines on the list without tasting them, and sharing a single glass is acceptable if there is a tasting fee. After tasting the wine it is okay to pour any leftover wine into the dump bucket. Conversation in the tasting room is encouraged but all visitors should be calm and use low tones.

Loud noise and raised voices distract from the tasting experience, and this is one reason why children should not attend wine tastings. Water may be offered as a palate cleanser, and is also available for rinsing the glass when wines are changed. Most wine tasting events offer tasting notes, to help specify the subtle flavors and aromas for each wine tasted.

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