Jun 18 2011

Plonk Wine Merchants Review

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We were fortunate to get a wine club to try from the Plonk Wine Merchants. We dove right in, opened our package and took a lot of pictures along the way. Keep reading to see what we thought!

PlonkWineMerchants.com is offering a great wine club that will gives four bottles of vino that are affordable, yet high quality. And right now, you can even get a free bottle of wine with your first shipment when you join their club!

This club is a great because you don’t just get wine, but you also get information about your wine, such as tasting notes, aromas, and even food pairing suggestions. This way, you can turn you bottle of wine into a larger experience when you pair it with the right foods and try to look the variety of aromas and flavors. This also makes wine clubs a great gift for others.

With this club, you’ll get 4 bottles of wine, plus one free, tasting notes information, and food pairing suggestions, for $69.99 a shipment. Click the link below to go to the Plonk Wine Merchants site:

Click to Visit the Plonk Wine Club

We were impressed with the quality of wine. Picture above is the four wines that were shipped to us for us to sample. The wine came in a safely packaged box to ensure no damage was incurred to the wine. With our shipment, it was a mixed pack with two white wines and two red wines. With Plonk, you have the option to get all reds, all whites, or two of each.

Click Here to Visit the Plonk Wine Club

Here is a picture of the tasting notes and food pairing suggestions paper that comes with the wine club. You can learn more about the wine you are about to drink and came even prepare a meal around your wine. This is a great way to bring a bit more excitement to your nightly dinners.

As you can see the shipping and packaging is very well done, ensuring your wine is the best quality possible when you receive it.

With you wine club, you will also get a few extra bonuses, such as monthly online wine tastings which only members of the wine club can participate in and you will also get a bonus 10 percent off on any wine orders through the Plonk Wine Merchants website. So if you really like one of your wine club wines, you can get 10 percent off if you’d like to order some more of that particular wine.

If you are looking for a great wine club, Plonk will deliver, so check them out today!

Click to Visit the Plonk Wine Club

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