Feb 03 2010

Wine Serving Tips

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Whether you are looking to pair wine with your own dinner or you want to throw a party and learn the best wine serving tips, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some practical serving tips which every wine drinker should know. These tips will prevent you from looking like a “dummy” in front of other experienced vino drinkers. In front of non-experienced drinkers, you’ll look like an expert.

After you buy a bottle, whether you get it from a store or it is delivered to your house, let it sit for a day or two. If the bottle was just transported to the store or your house, it will taste better after a day or two of rest.

Store your wine in a dark, cool place with little to no movement. The bottles should be stored on their side if they will be stored for more than a week. If stored under a week, then standing upright is fine.

If it’s been in storage for awhile, sediment will start to form at the bottom of the bottle. When pouring the vino, hold it up to a light to see if there is any sediment at the bottom.

Use a decanter. A decanter is a glass pitcher specially designed to let the wine get some air before consumption. Let a young wine decant for about 30-60 minutes before drinking. An older wine should be decanted so you can remove the sediment.

Choose glasses which are large and tulip-shaped so the aromas are funneled to your nose.

Red’s should be served at about 65 degrees F.

White’s need to be slightly chilled.

When drinking multiple kinds of wine, remember to drink white before red, dry before sweet, light before heavy, and young before old. The vino will taste much better if you stick to those guidelines.

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