Jan 15 2010

Wine Guide – Merlot

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It’s time to talk about my favorite red wine, Merlot! Merlot is one of the more popular red wines, and over the past couple of decades there has been an increase in merlot production, with over 12 times more plantations.

Merlot is the name of a red grape which ripens earlier than most other grapes and these grapes are typically more susceptible to mildew and rot. In the past, this vino was mainly used to mix with bordeaux and cabernet wine to make them more mellow. Eventually,it was discovered to be a great wine on its own.

Merlot is typically a bit fruitier and softer than other comparable wines which may be the reason it has become so popular as of late.

Many of the aromas typically associated with this vino are cedar, black cherry, green olive, mint, and currant.

Some of the flavors you can expect are black cherry, plums, violets, and orange.

Serving merlot:

Merlot should be served at slightly under room temperature, around 64 degrees F.

It goes best with red meat, red pasta dishes, and some heavy chicken dishes. Steak is probably the most popular pairing with merlot.

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