Jan 20 2010

Wine Guide – Cabernet Sauvignon

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cabernet-sauvignon-img Cabernet is a popular red wine and is grown in almost every vineyard around the globe. This wine orginated in the 17th century by crossing Cavernet franc and Sauvignon blanc. This is one of my favorite red wines and we can learn a lot about it by looking at the grapes and what flavors you can expect.

Some of the major flavors you’ll find in a cabernet sauvignon are cherry, blackberry, blueberry, plum, vanilla, tobacco, warm spice, and maybe even a leather aroma.

Some of the major aromas of this vino are oak, cedar, leather, earth, vanilla, and smoke.

A thick, medium to full-bodied wine like cabernet sauvignon is best paired with red pasta’s, red meats, and lamb.

A nickname¬† for this vino is the “king of red wines.”

Cabernet sauvignon grapes are known for being small, with very tough skin. The toughness of their skin is beneficial because it is more resistant to spoiling and disease.

The best climate for growing cabernet sauvignon grapes is warm temperatures and long growing seasons.

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