Jan 16 2010

Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review – WSJ Wine

wall-street-journalWe got our hands on a shipment of the Wall Street Journal Wine Club and have a ton of things to discuss before you make the decision on whether you are going to buy one or not. So keep reading to learn more.

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club, also known as the WSJ Wine Club, is a very nice wine club which provides a lot of value for consumers.

In fact, this was the first wine club I’ve ever tried. It was quite a fun experience reading the tasting notes about the wine as I tried to locate the aromas and flavors for myself. I never knew how many flavors and aromas actually were in a single bottle of wine.

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Before trying WSJ, the only wine I had was from supermarkets like Walmart and Kroger. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how much smoother and of higher quality WSJ wine was compared with what most people buy at their local grocery stores.

Since then, I have tried many wine clubs and Wall Street Journal’s wine club ranks very high on my list of best wine clubs.  If you haven’t tried this wine club yet, they offer an amazing first time buyers introductory package.

This package includes the following:

  • 12 High Quality Wines for Only $69.99
  • The Option between all Reds, all Whites, or a Mixed Pack
  • A FREE corkscrew set valued at $49.99 (pictured below)
  • A Free binder with Tasting Notes about Each Wine
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This wine club has been around for a long time and consistently gets high ratings from its customers. It’s not surprising that they’re one of the best available.

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Wall Street Journal Wine Club Free Corkscrew Set

Free Corkscrew Set

WSJ Wine Club Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes

Not only do they have great wine, but they offer amazing pricing for first time buyers. This can be a great treat for yourself or a great present for a friend of family member.

Another good thing about WSJ wine is their great customer service. After you sign up for their wine club, they give you the option to receive more wine every 3 months, skip a case, or cancel at any time. They even tell you in advance about the wines you will be shipped next. If you don’t like those wines, they will do whatever it takes to make you happy.


Finally, the wines you’ll be receiving mostly can’t be found anywhere else. You will look like a wine expert with high quality wines not found in Walmart.

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