Jan 13 2010

Red Wine Versus White Wine

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red-wine-vs-white-winePersonally, I am a fan of red wine because I think it tastes better. White wine is a bit too fruity and sweet for my tastes. But lets dig deeper into the difference in calories and more in this red versus white wine showdown!

Lets look at the differences in health benefits and antioxidants of red wine and white wine. While many believe red wine is better for you, the answer still remains unclear.

Here is a break down of the calories and alcohol per average glass of red and white vino.

(5 ounces or about 1 glass)
roughly 120 calories
180 milligrams potassium
15 grams alcohol

(5 ounces or about 1 glass)
roughly 120 calories
101 milligrams potassium
14.6 grams alcohol

We also know that red vino contains more flavonoids, nonflavonoids, and antioxidants. Many people believe that these are the main source of health benefits that wine provides.

Beer and wine do contain some antioxidants but not nearly as much as red wine. If the theory of antioxidants being healthy is true, then red vino would be healthier than white wine. White would still have some benefits due to its antioxidants, although it is a much smaller amount.

But the results of many studies have been unclear. Some research has shown that antioxidants are healthy for you while other research has shown that it is not.

Aside from antioxidants, wine is good in moderation because it helps reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and prevent blood clots.

Key word there is MODERATION…which means no more than 2 glasses a night for men and no more than 1 glass a night for women.

Wine can also reduce stress and help you relax which could add years on to your life right there.

So what’s the final verdict? Red vino may be better for you if antioxidants are as good as many people believe. If you take antioxidants out of the picture, red and white wine would both have the same benefits.


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