May 04 2010

Joining a Wine Club

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Joining a wine club is an exciting decision because you can find yourself with a lot of intriguing offers. We will help you make your choice right now, so keep on reading!

If you are considering joining a club, you have quite a few options. This article will help you choose by narrowing down the search for you.

Here at, we try and review clubs every month. Wine is our passion and we love wine clubs because they help you discover rare wines which you can’t find at your local grocery store.

There are monthly clubs and quarterly clubs. Quarterly’s come every 3 months but often deliver you more wine at once. This helps cut down on shipping costs because you don’t have to pay for a shipment every month.

Monthly clubs send you a smaller quantity of wine every month, typically only 2 bottles.

Which one is best? Well, with a quarterly, you can save on shipping but with monthly shipments, you get the excitement of a delivery every month. Also, you won’t drink your 3 month stock of wine in one month because it won’t all be delivered at once. :)

Currently, our top pick for a monthly membership is the Cellars. With Cellars, you will get 2 bottles of wine and  a newsletter delivered each month. The newsletter contains a lot of information about the wine and wineries. This newsletter enhances the experience and creates a well-rounded experience. Not to mention, Cellars has some of the highest quality wine we’ve tasted with a wine club.

Using the link below, the Cellars Wine Club will be discounted down to only $29.95 a month.

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Currently, our top pick for quarterly shipments is the wall street journal wine club. They will deliver 12 bottles of wine every 3 months which equals out to 4 bottles a month…twice the amount of Cellars.

wall-street-journalThe WSJ Wine Club not only has great wine from a variety of local and international wineries, it also comes with amazing tasting notes about every single bottle you receive. These tasting notes help you really get the most out of each bottle. You can read about the flavors, aromas, grapes, serving temperatures, and much more with these tasting notes (pictured below).

WSJ Wine Club Tasting Notes

If you order Wall Street Journal Wine  with our link below, they will also throw in a free professional corkscrew set, valued at $50 (pictured below).

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Wine clubs can be a really wonderful experience if you choose the right one. If you stick with either Cellars or the WSJ, you’ll will surely have a great experience. However, these special prices won’t last long, so get these  clubs now.

Click Here to Redeem this WSJ Wine Club Intro Offer

Click Here to Redeem the Cellars Promotion Code

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