Mar 19 2010

Is Wine Acidic?

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Is Wine Acidic? Let’s explore if vino is acidic and if it is, what is more acidic? Red or white wine?

Well the quick answer to this question is simple…Yes, wine is acidic.


Drinking alcohol oxidizesinto acetaldehyde and then continues into acetic acid. This acetic acid is present in smaller concentrations and with oxidation, the concentration increase.

Oxidation starts to happens when it is exposed to air. The longer the exposure, the more oxidation that takes place.

So yes…wine is acidic!

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What is more acidic? White or red wine?

There is a ton of variation in acidity but typically whites are more acidic.

Also, whites are often fruitier and crispier. This extra crispiness in white wine is due to extra acidity.

So there you have it…wine is acidic and white is more so then red. But the acidity shouldn’t be much of a problem for people unless you have issues with the acidity in fruit, then you could have an issue.

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