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Chardonnay – Wine Guide

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Chardonnay is the best selling white wine in the United States. As more and more people continue to adopt this wine as one of their favorites, wineries have been increasing production. One of the reasons for the popularity is the refreshing flavors that pair well with a variety of foods. Keep reading to learn more about Chardonnay.

Some common flavors found in this white vino are apple, pear, citrus, melon, oak, and a buttered taste.

Whites like this go best with seafood, pork, and poultry dishes. Also, any dish with a butter or cream base pair quite well with Chardonnay.

These grapes are quite easy to grow and produce a large quantity of vino. This is very beneficial to wineries.

The ideal temperature to serve Chardonnay is just under 50 degrees F, probably about 47-48 degrees F.

Most champagnes are even made with some of these grapes. The light, fruity flavors make for a tasty sparkling wine.

This vino is currently being heavily produced around the world in areas such as France, California, New York, Australia, and New Zealand.

When making Chardonnay, their are two decisions that wineries must make. The most important is the option to use malolactic fermentation or not.

Using malolactic fermentation, harder malic acid will become softer and create a buttery flavor in the Chardonnay. If the winemakers choose not to use malolactic fermentation, it will have a more green apple flavor.

The second decision that has to be made is the amount of oak influence that will be added to the vino. The oak influence is added by barrel aging.

The oak can add a toastiness which the grapes alone don’t provide. The treatment of the oak will vary and therefore the toastiness will vary accordingly.

The oak treatment can add many flavors. Some of the flavors are smoke, cream, coconut, and vanilla.

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