Jan 08 2010

Best Wine Racks

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Wine racks can serve multiple purposes. They not only help store and organize your bottles, but also add a sophisticated, decorative touch to your kitchen. Right now, I don’t have a rack, but have been looking to get one for some time. After looking, here are some that I like.

Remember, all of these can be easily painted or stained to any color you desire.

This first one is a wall mounted rack which holds ten 750ml bottles. All hardware needed to mount it, is included. Here is a picture:

10-bottle-wall-mounted-wine-rackThis one will cost only $49.95 and includes FREE shipping. Click here to get it.

If you don’t like the tall, long wine rack, this next one is much more compact and may fit your space better. Take a look at this 40 bottle cube shaped one.

40-bottle-wine-rackThis holder is Carbon Neutral and measures in at 24 in. by 24 in. It comes with the hardware to mount it on the wall, even though it is free standing. For only $59.95 and free shipping, this can be yours. Click here to get it.

If you are looking for a more classic look, than this next wine rack is for you. It holds 44 bottles and can mounted or left free standing. Take a look:

44-bottle-wine-rackThis Carbon Neutral, high strength rack will easily fit in your kitchen or cellar. Assembly time is only 12 minutes and no gluing or nailing is required. For only $79.95 and FREE shipping, this is a perfect gift for a vino lover. Click Here to Get it.

If you are looking for a simple flat rack, then this next one will work great. Holding 48 bottles of wine, take a look at this free standing holder:

48-bottle-wine-rackFor only $99.95, this wine rack which holds bottles all the way up to 1.5 liters, is Carbon Neutral, and can be assembled in 10 minutes, can be yours. Click here to get it.

If you do not like the wood look and want to go for a more modern feel. Here is one of the many medal options available. Take a look:

metal-wine-rack This cool looking metal holder can hold up to 13 bottles of wine and only runs about $206. Click here to get it.

Check out WineRackStore.com for a whole bunch of wood and medal wine racks priced from $24.95 and up!

Also, if you are interested in an amazing wine club which includes 12 bottles and a FREE cheese board and knife set for $69.99, check out our best wine clubs list!

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