Dec 03 2009

Wine Clubs for Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching and giving the gift of a wine club is a great idea. But which club should you get? Well around Christmas wine clubs start getting really aggressive in pricing giving the advantage to the consumer.

The best value is Laithwaites Wine Club which has reduced pricing down to $69.99 for first time members. For under 70 dollars, you get 12 bottles, free tasting notes, and a free corkscrew.

Now, for Christmas, Zagat wine club has matched the offer of Laithwaites by offering a 12 bottle package for $69.99 also. They offer a a free cheese board and knife set.

Both  clubs are very similar and either one would make a great Christmas present for just about anyone.

Do you want a free cheese board and knife set or a free corkscrew? The choice is yours…

Visit Laithwaites (Free Corkscrew)

Visit Zagat (Free cheese board and knife set)

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