Nov 27 2009

Wine Club Membership

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If you are looking for a wine club membership, we have two options that we think will suit your needs perfectly, whether it is for yourself or a gift!

Wine clubs contain very high quality bottles and can often cost hundreds of dollars, although some clubs have recently started pricing their first time buyers packages very aggressively.

The wine club with the best value is the Laithwaites Wine Club which has reduced pricing down to $69.99 for first time members. For under 70 dollars, you get 12 bottles and a free corkscrew.

Now, Zagat wine club has matched the offer of Laithwaites by offering a 12 bottle package for $69.99 also. They offer a FREE cheese board and knife set.

Both wine clubs are very similar and you will be extremely happy with whichever one you decide.

Do you want a¬†free cheese board and knife set or a free corkscrew? The choice is yours…

Visit Laithwaites

Visit Zagat

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