Dec 08 2009

Will Wine Freeze

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The answer is…Yes. Wine does¬†freeze. Wine is a water based solution and even contains various solutes like ethanol. To freeze alcohol you will have drop the temperature well below the freezing point of water (32 F) typically around 20ish degrees F.

You really shouldn’t put any bottle of liquid in the freezer because you run the risk of it exploding, so freezing may be the least of your concerns!

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The more alcohol in beer, vino, and liquor, the longer it will take to freeze. So if you have a fruity, less potent vino, like Boone’s Farm, it will freeze at a higher temperature.

On the flip side, if you have a strong wine with a high alcohol content, it will have to get really cold for it to freeze. Sometimes it may even need to go all the way down to 15 degrees F to become almost 100 percent frozen.

Since wine has water in it, the water will freeze at 32 degrees F and you will be left with a slushy liquid until it gets cold enough to freeze the alcohol.

Freezing a bottle is a bad idea because it could burst. Water expands when it freezes forcing the bottle to expand and break. Wine can’t really become 100 percent frozen because the small amounts of ethanol won’t freeze until they reach -175 degrees F.

So does wine freeze? Yes!

That being said…don’t try to freeze a bottle. :) Unless, you put it in a different container that won’t explode, then you can have a frozen margarita style drink, but with wine instead!

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