Dec 11 2009

Will 2 Glasses of Wine a Night Make You Fat

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If you are here, that must be you are worried that drinking wine can make you fat. So let’s dive into the details and answer this questions right now.

Vino does not contain fat! But it does contain calories which may cause you to put on some weight. Will 2 glasses a night make you fat??

Probably not…but if you do not get much exercise and have typically been the type of person who puts on weight easily, you might gain weight.

If you get some exercise and haven’t had much of a weight problem in your life, you will most likely not gain any weight.

With more and more studies showing the benefits of red wine, people are consuming more than ever.

Let’s remember that too much vino can be bad. Men should only have about 2 glasses a day at most and women should have no more than 1 daily. Remember, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

A glass of wine is around 100 calories. If you usually get 1800 calories a day and you add two glasses a night, you will push you consumption to 2000 calories a day. This jump may be significant enough to add a few pounds to your weight.

Research has shown that drinking alcohol can increase the fat in the abdominal area, hence the term “beer belly.”

So yes, wine can cause you to pack on a little weight if you drink too much. If you keep your consumption to 1-2 glasses a day, you will most likely not gain much weight, if any at all.

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