Dec 08 2009

When Does Wine Spoil

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Wine spoils quickly, although there are ways to keep it fresh for a little while. The serious drinker like to finish the bottle the same day that it’s opened because it will start to taste different even only after 1 day of being opened.

After vino is exposed to the air, it will start oxidizing. Oxidizing is what spoils wine and the second you open a bottle, it is exposed to the oxygen.

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Many people buy special corks and openers which prevent oxygen from touching the liquid although some people believe they don’t really work so well. I use a wine preserver which seems to help for the short term but definitely not for the long term.

If you want to try and preserve the vino after opening, put the cork back in the bottle as soon as possible and store the bottle standing straight up.

Before the wine is opened, it should be stored on its side to prevent the cork from drying out.

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If you don’t drink to often, you can always try boxed wine, although some people hate vino from a box.

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