Dec 13 2009

What Wine Goes with Steak

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Nothing beats a big juicy steak with a baked potato on the side, but you can make your meal even better when you pair that steak with a delicious wine.

When looking to pick a bottle to go with steak, you have a few options. The type of vino is dependant on how you cook the steak, although there are a few common steak wines.

If you are simply serving a plain piece of steak, the most common choice would be either a Cabernet or a Bordeaux Blend.

A medium-weight wine with a lot a spice and fruity flavors, called Rioja, goes great with steak on the grill. Most people will serve this wine too cold; so make sure you serve it just below room temperature at about 60ish degrees F.

Typically, white or rose wines will not go good with steak no matter how you cook it.

Stick to a red and be adventurous when trying new spices and fruit flavored wines.

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