Nov 21 2009

What Wine Goes with Salmon?

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salmon fish

When picking out a wine to drink with salmon, you have some options. Most people tend to stick with red vino when eating salmon because it matches the color.

If you are grilling your salmon try eating it with Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio or a Robert Modavi Chardonnay.

The most common wine that people drink with salmon is Pinot Noir. You can’t go wrong with that and every store carries it.

Doug Mohr, manager and sommelier of Washington’s Vidalia restaurant stated, “Wild salmon eat a diet of shellfish, which translates into their meat being sweet — which plays off the natural cherrylike sweetness of Oregon pinot noir. Pinot’s weight and tannin level do not overpower salmon, and its acidity cuts the richness of the fish.”

Aside from Pinot Noir, many people recommend a red Burgundy when eating salmon.

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Here is a cool video I found about pairing wine:

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