Nov 29 2009

Red Wine Calories Per Glass

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Red Wine

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If you like to drink wine, you may want to know the amount of calories in each glass so you don’t break your diet. Well, here’s the answer.

Red wine contains a fairly large amount of calories for a 4 ounce glass. The higher the alcohol content the more calories red typically has.

The following is the amount of calories in a typical 4 ounces per glass:

Dry Red:  83 Calories

Fortified Wines:

Port 160 Calories
Sherry Dry 110 Calories
Sherry Medium 112 Calories
Sherry Sweet 130 Calories

Consuming wine in moderation shouldn’t have an effect on your weight.

Drinking more than 1-2 glasses a day could cause some weight gain due to the excess calories.

Women should stick to no more than 1 glass a night and men should have no more than 2 glasses a night.

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