Dec 07 2009

Is Wine Vegan?

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Many people are wondering is wine vegan? Well the answer to that question may come as a surprise to all of you…No, it is NOT vegan! Here why it’s not vegan:

Wine is clarified after it is fermented and the ingredients that are often used in this process are not vegan. Here are some of the ingredients used in the clarifying process:

  • Casein and potassium caseinate which are milk proteins
  • Edible gelatins which are made from bones
  • Animal albumin which is dried blood powder and egg albumin
  • Isinglass which is made from swim bladders of fish

Also, if you are a vegan, you might want to check out what your cereal, sugar, and potato chips are made with because most of them are not vegan either.

I’m sure you can find some vegan vino somewhere, Google around, ask your friends, check at a BevMo, leave a comment here if you find out a good place to buy vegan wine.

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