Nov 25 2009

How Wine is Made

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To make wine, you must let the grapes ripen until late August or September depending on the seasonal climate conditions. It is essential to taste the grapes, chew the seeds, and measure the sugar content to give winemakers an idea if the grapes are ready yet.

The grapes are then harvested and transported to the winery to be crushed.

Red grapes are crushed with the skins and seeds, while whites are not.

After crushing the grapes, it is all put into a stainless steel fermenting tank.

Now the fermentation process begins. Typically, cultured yeast is added to the grape juice. The yeast begins to digest the sugars in the grape juice and fermentation begins. This process leaves you with carbon dioxide and alcohol.

The vino is moved to an oak barrel for aging. Throughout the aging process it is moved from one barrel to another quite often.

The wine will sit in the barrels for months and then will be moved to a bottle where it will continue to age for awhile before being shipping to the stores.

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