Nov 27 2009

How Many Calories in Wine

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Wine typically has a similar amount of calories as beer, but usually a bit less since when you buy a glass of wine you’ll get a smaller serving than you would on a 12 ounce beer.

The calorie count varies depending on the type you buy. One glass does not have very many calories and the higher the alcohol content, the more calories…

Below is a list of different wine types and their calorie count for one 4 ounce glass:

Dry Red 83 Calories
Dry White 77 Calories
Medium white 99 Calories
Sparkling white 92 Calories
Sweet white 103 Calories
Rose 82 Calories

Fortified Wines:

Port 160 Calories
Sherry Dry 110 Calories
Sherry Medium 112 Calories
Sherry Sweet 130 Calories

Drinking a glass or two nightly should not cause you to gain weight, although people who gain weight easily could pack on a few pounds if drinking too much wine.

Women should have no more than 1 glass a night and men should have no more than 2 glasses a night.

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