Nov 26 2009

Does Wine Taste Better with Age

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Wine does taste better with age if it’s meant to be aged. Some vino is not really made to be aged much longer than what it already has been when you find it in stores.

Most wine makers make the vino so it will be ready to be consumed within a year or so of you purchasing it. When you buy a bottle, its already aged properly and then ages more during transportation to the stores and even more on the stores shelf.

So if you buy a bottle from a store, it doesn’t need any more aging and will most likely not taste better with more aging.

Now that being said, there are more expensive options, which have been properly aged for many years. These bottles definitely get better with age.

If you know a lot about wine, you’ll know which ones you can buy and age a little bit longer yourself and which ones you can’t.

If you want a old, aged wine, I suggest you buy one already aged and drink it within a year.

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