Dec 20 2009

Does Wine in a Box Expire?

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Okay, so I’ll give you the news straight and simple, box wine does expire! The best way to determine when your box wine expires is to look on the box and see if there is a date of expiration. The wine still may be okay past the expiration date, just give it a taste to see if it seems normal.

For example, on my “Black Box” wine I have, it says that it is fresh for 4 weeks after opening. Although it may be good for 5-6 weeks if you store it in a dark, cool place.

It should stay good for at least a year or two if it is unopened.

Box wine is improving in quality and is becoming a better option for vino drinkers who don’t want to waste any wine.

If you only have one glasses here and there, then boxed may be the best choice for you. Since vino from a bottle goes bad after a day or two, you can end up wasting much of it.

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