Nov 27 2009

Does Wine Have Carbs

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Wine really does not have many carbs in each glass, although some vino’s have more than others. Wines which are a bit more fruity and not as dry typically have more carbs.

Also, as the alcohol content rises, the calorie count rises. Although vino doesn’t have a lot of carbs, it does contain a fair amount of calories which can ruin your diet if you drink too much.

Here is a list of types and their carbohydrate amount for one 4 ounce glass:

Dry Red Wine 0.5 grams
Dry White 0.8 grams
Medium white 3.9 grams
Sparkling white 1.6 grams
Sweet white 6.8 grams
Rose 2.9 grams

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Fortified Wines:

Port 13.8 grams
Sherry Dry 1.6 grams
Sherry Medium 4.2 grams
Sherry Sweet 7.9 grams

Consuming 1-2 glasses a day shouldn’t add many carbs to your diet. Always consume wine in moderation.

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