Dec 04 2009

Christmas Wine Cases

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Christmas wine cases are a popular item for presents and gifts to friends and family members. These clubs for Christmas are offering a special 12 bottle case for a very low November and December special price. If you are still trying to figure out what to get for Christmas or the Holiday seasons then why not get a wine club!

The number one club in our book is the Zagat Wine Club which has dropped its pricing down to $69.99 for first time members. This Christmas case special comes with 12 bottles, free tasting notes, and a FREE cheese board and knife set.

cheese-board-set Cheese Board and Knife Set

zagat wine club

Visit Zagat (FREE cheese board and knife set)

Now, for Christmas, the Laithwaites Club (formerly called the 4 Seasons Club) has matched the offer of Zagat by offering a similar  case package of 12 bottles for $69.99. In addition to that, you will get tasting notes and a free corkscrew.

4 Seasons Wine Promo Discon

Visit Laithwaites Wine Club (Free Corkscrew)

Each of these vino cases are very similar to each other and either one would make a great Christmas present for just about anyone.

Zagat and Laithwaites both offer wine clubs for Christmas. They both have very similar offers which are the most competitive on the market. You can’t find any other clubs that provide a better value. After reviewing every major wine club on the market, Zagat and Laithwaites are our top two choices:

Visit Zagat (FREE cheese board and knife set)

Visit Laithwaites Wine Club (Free Corkscrew)

Looking for more information? Read our full Zagat Wine Club Review

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