Dec 18 2009

Can Wine Bottles Burst When Frozen?

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Yes! Wine bottles can burst if you put them in the freeze. As air cools it will expand and that expansion has to go somewhere! If you put any kind of sealed glass bottle in the freezer, it has a good chance of exploding, whether its beer, wine, or whatever.

So what happens? Well the cork in your bottle may be pushed out to make room for the expansion…or the bottle will break.

If you don’t leave the bottle in the refriderator for very long then you will be fine, although it isn’t recommended to cool vino by putting it in the freezer.

Red wine is supposed to be just below room temperature anyway so don’t worry about trying to cool it down.

White vino will need to be a bit cooler than room temperature and sticking it in the fridge for 20 minutes should do the trick.

So let’s avoid sticking any kind of bottles in the freezer…the bottle could burst…the wine will be ruined…and it doesn’t need to be that cold.

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