Nov 25 2009

4 Seasons Wine Club Review

The 4Seasons Club is now re-named the Laithwaites wine club but don’t worry, they still offer the same low price intro offer which they did before the name change.

4Seasons-wine They still have their introductory offer which is $69.99 for first time members, starting December 2009.

This offer comes with 12 bottles of wine, free tasting notes about each wine, and a free corkscrew ($40 value).

Not only is the wine delicious, their price is unbeatable! Whether you are getting a wine club for a novice or expert wine drinker, they’ll be happy with the smooth, velvety taste of Laithwaites . So take advantage of their December 2009 special.

Visit the Laithwaites Website

4 Seasons Wine Promo Discon

Currently, this club is the best priced wine club on the market for first time buyers. Aside from price, they have great wine!

Reading through the tasting notes while sipping a glass of wine can be a fun nightly experience. Your nose and taste buds will surely become more educated in wine flavors in a very short period of time.

Also, they have a wine guarantee:

We’re so confident in the quality of our wines that we guarantee every bottle. If you don’t like a wine, for whatever reason, you’ll be refunded in full. No problem.” -Tony Laithwaite

Visit the Laithwaites Website

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