May 24 2012

Zagat Wine Club Review

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Zagat Wine Club We were shipped a Zagat Wine Club to try and this is our one-hundred percent honest and accurate review of their wine, shipping, free gifts, and more. We even took some pictures along the way, so keep on reading to find out our thoughts on this club.

Here is me opening my shipment:


The best part so far is the tasting notes guide that comes with each wine shipment. This guide has flavor and aroma information which is very helpful in locating all of the tastes of the wine.

zagat-tasting-notesThis guide also teaches you about the grapes and wineries the wines came from. This is why the Zagat  Club makes such a wonderful gift.

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More on the tasting notes later…

Another great thing is that the wine is from all over the world. One night I am drinking a bottle from Italy and the next night I am enjoying a wine from Argentina.

Also, you get a FREE cheese board and knife set! (pictured below)

*UPDATE: Instead of 12 bottles of wine using our promo link below, you will now get 15 bottles of vino, a cheese board/knife set, and tasting notes for the low price of ONLY $69.99!

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Or continue reading about the

Zagat Wine Club


To RECAP, the club offers:

  • 15 high quality bottles of wine
  • Option for all red, all whites, or a variety pack
  • A FREE cheese board and knife set (pictured below)
  • Tasting notes about each wine
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Click to Get Your Zagat Introductory Wine Club

cheese-board-set Cheese Board and Knife Set

*UPDATE* Here is the most recent Zagat Wine I’ve tried:

I just recently cracked open a Monasterio de Santa Cruz 2007 and Grande Reserve de Gassac 2008.

The Santa Cruz 2007 is from the Spanish region of Tarragona, which lies on the Mediterranean, southwest of Barcelona. According to my tasting notes, this wine was to be served at 64 degrees F and could be paired with beef and cheese. That’s exactly what I did the other night and it was amazing. With an aroma of ripe plum and dark cherries, and a taste of layers of blackberry/chocolate flavor with tasty oak notes, I was enjoying this wine to the fullest.

The Grande Reserve  was from France and was a tasty Cabernet blend. This wine was best paired with game and pork and had an aroma of forest fruit, plum, and hints of cedar and spice. There were flavors of ripe blackberry with a chocolaty edge and oaky finish.

Being able to open up a high quality bottle of wine, read through the tasting notes, and attempting to smell and taste each aroma and flavor was a great experience.


If you put a little effort into reading the tasting notes as you are drinking a bottle of Zagat’s wine, you’ll start to learn more about the flavors and aromas.

After a little practice, I was able to notice particular flavors and aromas in every wine I drank without reading any notes about the wine. My friends and family were quite impressed when I started talking about the flavors of a certain wine we had over the holidays.


One wine I particularly enjoyed was the Santa Ana Chardonnay Viognier which was a finalist in the Argentina Wine Awards. This wine has unique flavors of pineapple and vanilla French toast which I have never had before.

Not to mention, Zagat’s 2007 Bordeaux matched up perfectly with the steaks we cooked the other night. This Bordeaux is a Château La Rose Tour Blanche 2007.

Click to Get Your Zagat Introductory Wine Club

Some of the other great wines they offer are a California Cabernet from 2007, a tasty Italian wine called Maskalzoni 2008, and a “wine in show” winner from Chile, called Casas del Bosque Sauvignon 2008.

After you get your introductory case, you have the option to cancel your membership or continue to receive wines every 3 months. The price for the first case is $69.99 and after that it goes up to $139.99 which is still much cheaper than the retail value of these wines at $179.

You’ll always receive tasting notes about every wine you are shipped, not to mention a guarantee that you’ll not pay for a wine you didn’t like. Here are the wonderful tasting notes and free wine glasses (now they are offering a FREE cheese board and knife set!) I received with my introductory offer:


After I drink each bottle, I take a picture and in the future will post a review of their individual wine tastes in the near future but so far the first few bottles have been delicious.

Zagat gives customers advance notice on all wine club shipments. If you do not like the wines coming in the next shipment, Zagat will be happy to switch out the wines for something else or even let you skip a shipment.

Also, the wine chosen for their club is often based on feedback from customers.

They have a guarantee that if their wine does not live up to your expectations, you’ll get your money back.

Obviously, you must be at least 21 years of age to order the club and the person signing for the delivery must also be 21 or older. Zagat will deliver the wine to your home or workplace, whichever is best for you.

Click to Get Your Zagat Introductory Wine Club

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May 12 2012

Is Joining A Wine Club A Good Choice?

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Wine clubs can be found in any area that offers a winery. Wine clubs can be a good choice or a huge mistake depending on a number of factors. A wine club member will receive the benefits outlined by the club, and this typically includes special shipments, invitations to exclusive events, and access to wines not available to the general public. These clubs also have a number of drawbacks as well though.

Even though the wine shipped is discounted the shipping charges can be expensive, and may eliminate any savings seen from the discount. Many wines can be found in wine shops for less than what is paid for the wine and shipping by club members. Some wineries put pressure on visitors to join the wine club, but many wineries do not advertise widely and keep the wine club low key instead.

Can Red Wine Make You Fat? Click to Find Out

A wine club may or may not be the best choice. For individuals who enjoy the wines from a specific winery, and want all of the added perks like member only invitations and special offers, joining the wine club of the winery may be a good move. Becoming a wine club member simply because of pressure during a winery tour or tasting event may be a huge mistake though.

Before joining any wine club look at all of the variables. Make sure the winery and wines are high quality, and the shipments are something that is desired. Some wine club members enjoy the anticipation and suspense, not knowing exactly what wines will be shipped. For other wine lovers it may be better to visit a wine shop and choose the vintages that are preferred.

Looking for a wine club? Look at our list of the most fantastic clubs on the market at

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May 04 2012

Etiquette For The Wine Tasting Room

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Wine tasting is a popular pastime for many people, and etiquette rules for the wine tasting room should be followed so that everyone has an enjoyable experience. The tasting bar is the first place to go when arriving at the tasting room.

This host at the bar will introduce themselves and get the tasting process started. The proper wine glasses will be supplied, the wines that can be tasted will be explained and listed, and any tasting fees will be discussed. There may be more than one tier of tasting fees, with one fee charged for the standard list and another fee charged for any reserve wines available. Wines should be tasted in a specific order for the best experience. Start with white wines, move to red wines, and then finish with dessert wines.

It is acceptable to pass over some wines on the list without tasting them, and sharing a single glass is acceptable if there is a tasting fee. After tasting the wine it is okay to pour any leftover wine into the dump bucket. Conversation in the tasting room is encouraged but all visitors should be calm and use low tones.

Loud noise and raised voices distract from the tasting experience, and this is one reason why children should not attend wine tastings. Water may be offered as a palate cleanser, and is also available for rinsing the glass when wines are changed. Most wine tasting events offer tasting notes, to help specify the subtle flavors and aromas for each wine tasted.

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Apr 24 2012

Zagat Wine Club Promo Code

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UPDATE*** You will now be able to get 15 Bottles of wine when you take advantage of our coupon code link now, all for the low price of only $69.99!

In addition to that, you can also get free tasting notes, and a FREE cheese board and knife set when you click the promo link below:

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cheese-board-set Cheese Board and Knife Set

Zagat tasting notes - Zagat wine club promo
tasting notes

Remember, this promo won’t last forever! If you want to get your extremely low priced intro offer, you need to act fast.

Click Here to Get this Promo Code

Don’t overlook the free tasting notes that come with your promo code. These notes will help you learn the different flavors and aromas of each wine. If you are interested in not only Zagat Wine Clubdrinking great wine, but learning more about wine…these tasting notes will be the best part of the Zagat Wine Club.

When I received my first wine club, I was so excited about getting great wine that I didn’t really look through the tasting notes. After awhile, I picked up the tasting notes and started to give them a read. Initially, I was surprised to find out that there was so many different flavors in the wine that not only come from the grapes but also from how the wine was aged.

After awhile, I really started to impress friends by naming aromas and flavors in wine without even needing the tasting notes. So it’s time today to discover the world of wine with the Zagat Wine Club.

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Feb 10 2012

The Wine Making Process: Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine is a favorite choice for many wine enthusiasts, but how is this type of wine made? Sparkling wine starts out using the same process as all other types of wine, with grapes that are picked off the vine and then crushed up. These crushed grapes are then fermented into wine, and with most types of wine the process is almost complete and the wine only needs to age.

Sparkling wines do not stop here though, because after the wine is poured into heavy glass bottles there is a combination of yeast and sugar added so that fermentation occurs. This second fermentation period causes carbon dioxide gas to form, and the cap on the bottle prevents this gas from escaping. This gas is the reason the wine has bubbles.

This is the best process used to make this kind of wine, and it is named Methode Champenoise. This is the traditional method used by the French to produce Champagne. Sparkling wines that are relatively inexpensive may undergo the second fermentation in large vats instead of individual bottles.

After all the added sugar has been consumed by the yeast in the sparkling wine fermentation stops, and the wine contains a residue. Riddling is performed to cause the yeast residue to flow into the bottle neck, and then this is frozen and removed. This is simply shaking the bottles and is performed by a machine today. The sparkling wines are then aged for the desired time before being sold or shipped out to stores and customers.

If you are interested in sparkling wines, you should try a sparkling wine club from Cellars Wine Club. Click Here to Check it Out

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Feb 10 2012

Wines Around The World

There are numerous countries around the globe that offer exceptional wines. Spain has several wine regions and offers many exquisite wines at fantastic prices. Spain is known for offering wines that give value and are usually less expensive than that from other countries. The Rioja region of Spain produces exceptional red wines and includes 3 different sub regions. Another region in Spain well known for red wines is Ribera del Duero, and the Penedes region offers reds, whites, and sparkling wines. The Rias Baixas region of Spain is known for exceptional white wines.

England and Wales also produce excellent wines in a range of varieties. These countries offer sparkling wines, still white wines, rose wines, red wines, and dessert wines. The most popular varieties are the white wines and sparkling wines, and there are many regions that offer ideal winery conditions.

Germany is another country that has a reputation for fine wines, as well as plenty of beer. There is a range of varietals and numerous grape varieties used. Riesling, Pinot Gris, Silvaner, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Dornfelder, Müller-Thurgau, and Portugieser are some of the most common grape varieties used.

France has a global reputation when it comes to wine and champagne, and there are several main wine producing regions in this country. These regions include Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone Valley, Alsace, the Loire Valley, and Provence. Several of the wines from France are known by the same name as the region where the wine originates from, such as Burgundy and Bordeaux.

If you like wines from around the world, you should try a wine club because they bring wines from all over to your doorstep. 12 bottles of international wines for only $69.99 with the Zagat Wine Club.

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Jan 07 2012

Cellars Wine Club Promotion Code

cellars-wine-club-promo-code  Most of these wine club sites have not even tried the Cellars Wine Club! We we lucky enough to try the club and give you an honest review and this great promotion code which will save you money. First, click the link here, then enter the coupon code below at checkout.

Click Here to Redeem the Cellars Promotion Code

Then, enter 25CWC12 at checkout!

Here’s whats included with your club:

  • 2 Different Reds, or 1 Red and 1 White Per Month Delivered to Your Doorstep
  • Monthly Newsletter detailing the wineries and wines featured
  • Discount on wine reorders
  • Gift Announcement

Cellars has some great wine and you will not be disappointed with them. They are a well known wine club and have been around for a long time. Their monthly newsletter can be a great source of information and really enhances the wine club experience. This newsletter helps make this wine club a great gift! As one of their affiliates, we are the first to know of any promotion codes or discounts, which we then pass on to our website’s visitors. Cheers!

Click Here to Redeem the Cellars Promotion Code

Our first wine club shipment from them:


Cellars has some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted from a wine club!

If you are new to wine, then you can learn so much about wine with wine club. A wine club can be like a wine 101 course for newbies. So redeem these promo codes before they go away!

Click Here to Redeem the Cellars Promotion Code

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Jan 05 2012

Cellars Wine Club Review

cellars-wine-club We were shipped a sample shipment of the Cellars Wine Club so we can provide you with the best review possible. After opening the box and getting into the wine right away, we are happy to announce that the wine is very good. Keep reading to learn more.

Now, Cellars wine has different kinds of memberships. You can either receive wine each month and pay monthly or you can prepay for a certain amount.

The shipment we got and included:

  • 1 Red, 1 White
  • Monthly Newsletter detailing the wineries and wines featured

Many people take advantage of the 3 month membership and get it as a gift for someone. To prepay for 3 months and receive 2 wines each month, it’ll cost $89.85. If you want to pay monthly, it is $29.95 a month.

Click to Visit the Cellars Wine Website

Here is the Cellars Wine Club we got pictured above.  You can see the tasting notes guide and the mixed pack (1 red, 1 white) that we got in the picture. Their newsletter told us all about each wine, like the origins and tasting notes.

The wine has been consistently delicious in our opinion and you can expect high quality wine every month from them.

Previously featured wines:

  • Villa Trasqua, Italy 2003 Solaris Red Blend
  • Painted Stone, Washington 2002 Reserve Syrah
  • Bodegas Fontana, Spain 2004 Tempranillo
  • Talomas, California 2000 Cabernet/Melot

Again, if you want to pay monthly, it is $29.95 a month, a decent deal for the quality of wine you get.

Click to Visit the Cellars Wine Website

Now for an introductory offer Cellars wine is on the pricey side. If you are looking for a competitively priced wine club, Zagat wine club is right for you.

With extremely competitive pricing and fantastic wine, Zagat would make a great gift for anyone, including yourself! Here is what you get:

  • 12 Premium Wines for only $69.99
  • FREE Cheese Board & Knife Set
  • Red and/or White Wines
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Binder with Tasting Notes about Each Wine

As you can see, Zagat is priced so much better and the wine is so similar, it only makes sense to go with the wine club which is less expensive and gives you twice the amount of wine and a free gift.

Click to Visit the Zagat Wine Website

Click to Visit the Cellars Wine Website

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Jun 18 2011

Plonk Wine Merchants Review

We were fortunate to get a wine club to try from the Plonk Wine Merchants. We dove right in, opened our package and took a lot of pictures along the way. Keep reading to see what we thought! is offering a great wine club that will gives four bottles of vino that are affordable, yet high quality. And right now, you can even get a free bottle of wine with your first shipment when you join their club!

This club is a great because you don’t just get wine, but you also get information about your wine, such as tasting notes, aromas, and even food pairing suggestions. This way, you can turn you bottle of wine into a larger experience when you pair it with the right foods and try to look the variety of aromas and flavors. This also makes wine clubs a great gift for others.

With this club, you’ll get 4 bottles of wine, plus one free, tasting notes information, and food pairing suggestions, for $69.99 a shipment. Click the link below to go to the Plonk Wine Merchants site:

Click to Visit the Plonk Wine Club

We were impressed with the quality of wine. Picture above is the four wines that were shipped to us for us to sample. The wine came in a safely packaged box to ensure no damage was incurred to the wine. With our shipment, it was a mixed pack with two white wines and two red wines. With Plonk, you have the option to get all reds, all whites, or two of each.

Click Here to Visit the Plonk Wine Club

Here is a picture of the tasting notes and food pairing suggestions paper that comes with the wine club. You can learn more about the wine you are about to drink and came even prepare a meal around your wine. This is a great way to bring a bit more excitement to your nightly dinners.

As you can see the shipping and packaging is very well done, ensuring your wine is the best quality possible when you receive it.

With you wine club, you will also get a few extra bonuses, such as monthly online wine tastings which only members of the wine club can participate in and you will also get a bonus 10 percent off on any wine orders through the Plonk Wine Merchants website. So if you really like one of your wine club wines, you can get 10 percent off if you’d like to order some more of that particular wine.

If you are looking for a great wine club, Plonk will deliver, so check them out today!

Click to Visit the Plonk Wine Club

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May 16 2011

Virgin Wine Club Coupon Code


Save $100 with the coupon link below on 12 bottles of wine and two free gifts, which will now be discounted to only 69 dollars when you click the link now!

Click to Get This Coupon at

The image below is the twelve wines you’ll get with the club membership. You can choose between all reds, all whites, or a variety pack. Click the image below to be taken the Virgin Wines website where you can find out more each bottle of wine you’ll be getting with your order.

Pictured below is the two free gifts you’ll be getting with this coupon code. You will be getting an electric corkscrew that has built-in mood lighting. This way, you will be able to get your wine open without struggle with a standard bottle opener. Also, you will get tasting guide with your wine club which will help you learn about what food to pair with your wines, what aromas and flavors are in each bottle, and what regions the wine came from.

Click to Get This Coupon at


With your Virgin Wines Club, you will also get a one-hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that you will not pay for any wine you don’t like!


To recap…you’ll get:

  • 12 Wines
  • Free Tasting Notes
  • Free Electric Corkscrew with Mood Lighting
  • One-Hundred Percent Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Introductory Price of Only $69.99!

Click to Get This Coupon at

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